by Flying Jacob

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released August 22, 2018


all rights reserved



Flying Jacob Waldorf, Maryland

Alternative Rock Band from Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: You Consume Me
Let go of my heart
Please let me go
You consume me, abuse me...

And I let you every time
I don’t understand why I have no control when it comes to you
I need to break free from whatever hold you have on me!

I’d give it all if you asked, every single little piece of me
Well, baby, please don’t ask! You know it would destroy me!

I’m going insane and I think I’m to blame for letting you take control…
And I can’t shake you!
But you won’t choose me!
I think I’m starting to hate you…
My heart can only take so much
Oh, God! I think I’m in love!

Oh no no no!
I’d give it all!
No! It would destroy me…
Track Name: Civil
Cut my hair and change my name, I’m the one to blame
When silence is your only friend and your friends are the same
Tell me how I keep falling fast and nothing seems to get done?
We both know it was built to last, but they already won

All these thoughts running in my head and my lungs are faint
Well I don’t want to go to war, but they can no longer wait

Everyone’s just fighting back and I’m grand theft red
The sky is no longer blue it’s just filled with regret
I can’t look ahead anymore, afraid of what lies in my mind
The curtain is closed, that’s the end of the show

I’m just closing my eyes so I can’t see what’s next
Track Name: Can't Take Back
It’s the end of the line and all things wrong seem so right
Maybe it’s my state of mind
But everything about you is a flashing red light

Now my vision’s hazy and baby I’m feeling crazy...

You can’t take back!
You can’t take back all that you’ve done! Oh no!
So don’t ask forgiveness, babe
Don’t ask forgiveness now that you’ve already won

My wounds were healing just fine
‘Til you came back last night and poured salt in my dreams…
A picture clear as day
I can still see your face every time I close my eyes!

It’s only dark at the end of the day
I can’t let my light slip away
Track Name: To Our Corporate Fathers
There's a system in place to keep us in chains.
By a show of hands who else is sick and tired of the same?
1%, trying to keep us small, trying to keep us from getting out.
Minimizing the struggles they've caused
Saying we're not working hard enough.

Day after day we're just working it all away.
They keep poking the bear and they're bound to get maimed.
So I'll raise my glass for the hardworking class.
Keep your fires burning hot.
We can't be silenced.

Overworked. Sleep deprived. Left with nothing for myself.
If you're gonna take it all out of our hands
You could at least cover mental health.
I can't even think. I'm so drained.
Are you surprised we're pushing back?
Are you listening? I know you hear us.
Your foundation's about to crack.
Come on!

So let me get this straight:
You can't afford to pay me a livable wage,
A multi-billion dollar corporation hitting higher profit margins every day?
I'm full-time, but I need 2 jobs?
70 hours a week on my feet, I'm not built for this;
But then again, I don't think any human is.
But I still dare to dream about the day that I can get up on stage and talk about these things
Because maybe then my words will hold some weight and I can spare somebody the pain.
God, I'm exhausted. I feel it in every bone, every pore, in my heart,
And in my soul and while you're profiting off our broken backs
We're getting angrier with this world. Calling for revolution.
Desperate for change, for relief from this ache
So just know that we're coming for y'all.
And enjoy it while you can, 'Cause I won't stop until you see the end!

Day after day, we're just working it all away.
They keep poking the bear and they're bound to get maimed.
So I'll raise my glass for the hardworking class.
Keep your fires burning hot and we'll never be silenced.
Track Name: Hurricane
Turn out the lights
Let me fall asleep
I need an escape from my reality

It's been too long that I've had to stay strong
And I'm breaking now
Best not to stick around

They say it's all in my head
So why can't my body get out of this bed?

Can you feel the storm a-brewin'?
Try not to get caught in my undertow
A hurricane of the human psyche
Destruction unlike you've ever known

Pinned to the ground as I scream out loud
I think I'm going numb someone save me from myself

They say it's all in my head
So why can't my body get out of this bed?

I can't wait for this to be over
I can't wait until it passes me by
I need to feel something again now, baby!
Even if that something makes me cry!
Track Name: Head Gasket
All these shallow-hearted people
Standing with me in this crowd
Infect us with their disdain
For the good done in this world

This is a new beginning, a chance to start again
Rising from the ashes to create a different end
If you care to join us in this brave new world
Take my hand, let your heart unfurl

Open your mind
By your own soul be defined
Find your passion, light the fire within
Burn those mental bridges
Detach yourself from them

A call for revolution
A refined point of view
Now that the world is watching
Tell me, what are you going to do?
Track Name: Hollow
Tried to call you last night but you didn’t answer
Not sure what I expected, it’s been like this for 3 months
Am I losing you for good?
Is this the ending I’ve been waiting for?
Been feeling us drift so far apart
The knives in my stomach chipping away at my heart

It’s not fair! I can’t help but care!
And you could walk away so easily…
Fragments of my soul raining down, wet the ground
Puddled up
Shattered love
It’s not love!

Why am I still fighting for you, when you don’t want to fight for me?
Hanging onto every word you say, hoping something’s gonna change…
Don’t think I could ever be the same, if you choose to walk away…
I wish this wasn’t tearing me apart, reflecting on how we were at the start…
Track Name: Try
It’s a cool stormy morning and my face is flush
The thunder’s rolling through my blood stream
You know I’ve been thinking about us…

No walls to hide behind
Baby, your soul has captured mine
I’m not sure how you do what you do
Let my love rain down over you!

I tried! I tried! I tried! I tried!
I tried to play it cool
But you’re all that’s been on my mind
So, baby, give me all of you!

You’ve got my mind running wild
Can’t think of anything but your smile
Move a little closer, won’t you now?
You’ve got my heart racing at 100 miles
Track Name: The Last Song I'll Write for You
You've blocked my flow
Infected my mind with your lies
Had me convinced I can't be loved the way I am
A natural disaster since the day we met
But I loved you anyway
Now it's just too much keeping up with the games you play

Bleeding on the ground
You kicked me while I was down
Countless times I picked you up but it was never enough
You disappeared over and over again
Always showing back up when you needed someone

I guess I should've known where we'd end up
All those red flags
But I'm more than just a cure to your loneliness
How does it feel now that I'm gone?
I pray in the end you never find yourself alone

Every day
Every day you're away
I love myself a little more every day you're away!
Track Name: Heaven in Your Eyes
I know it’s rough
It’ll be alright
Grab my hand and we’ll take flight
Through the stars
Past the moon
Nowhere I wouldn’t follow you

Forget everything they say
People are gonna talk anyway
Nothing wrong with what we do
I know exactly what I feel for you!

Don’t stop holding onto me!
We’ll be all we ever need!
A love like ours is worth the fight
When it’s darkest let me be your light
Baby, they don’t understand
‘Cause they don’t see the heaven in your eyes!
Your eyes, her eyes

Dance with me
Stay focused on my eyes
Come on, girl, I’ll let you guide
Feel my heart beat in sync with yours
We’ll take it slow, one day at a time
Let it grow so we can thrive
I’ll keep you safe, I’ll be your shelter
I know I’m home when I’m with you!

Baby, please don’t be afraid of me!

Don’t stop holding onto me
We’ll be all we ever need

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